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Looking after all kinds of Tasmanians for over 45 years.

Dowling MCarthy Hobart - a fairer deal on tyres and wheels

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That's right... Dowling McCarthy Hobart started looking after the tyre needs of Tasmanians in 1977.


We were and still are, an independent family owned and operated Tasmanian Company​ who built a reputation for fairness and value as a service provider to the transport, mining and agricultural industries as well as the broader retail market of passenger car, light van and 4WD vehicles.


What’s important to us? Our reputation is everything. Everything.

We’re here to make money… of course… but we’re here to make a living, not to make ourselves filthy rich at your expense.

Dowling McCarthy Hobart ia family owned business that’s connected to our community. We know the people we work for. Most of them have a history with us that goes back decades.


Business is good, why would we bother changing the name?

There’s no doubt that having someone else organise the marketing took a load of, but it just isn’t us. The Dowling McCarthy name has a place in Tasmania’s history and a reputation that we’re proud of and to be honest, we should never have changed it.


So, moving on… the name is back to what it should always have been, and a couple of other things have changed as well… but just a couple of important things.


At Dowling McCarthy Hobart we'll  be doing our own product selection and purchase again. It means a bit more work for us, but we think it’s worth the extra effort to be able to offer Southern Tasmanians a fairer deal.


Buying direct means there are significant savings, most of which we pass on directly to our customers. We keep a little for ourselves of course… for the extra effort, but the rest gets passed on.


We’re not marketers, we’re a tyre and wheel service that looks after the needs of people we’ve come to know over more than 45 years. Customers that have been with us for many years, as well as their sons and daughters that come to us because their mother or grandfather told them we could be trusted to do the right thing by them.


So, we’ve proudly taken back the name… and refocussed on the values that made us what we are today.


Dowling McCarthy Tyres is back in Southern Tasmania.

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