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No middle-man means we buy better... and you save.

We’ve cut out the middle man. So we buy better. You get better prices. We stay in business ... and the money stays here in Tas.

The best price... or we pay you the difference.*

Yes, there’s an asterisk. That just means we expect you to be fair with us, like we’re being fair with you. If you find the same tyres at a cheaper advertised price from a competitor... even if it’s up to 30 days after you bought them from us, we’ll pay you the difference. It just needs to be in the same calendar month. We don’t think we can be fairer:)

Price Guarantee available Hobart and Brighton Only.

Visit our website to select the right tyre and/or wheels

or come and see us at 17 Patrick Street Hobart

or Strong St Brighton

or give us a call.

Hobart 03 6234 4433

Brighton 03 6263 6444

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