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You should never need to complain... never.

• So... we refuse to sell rubbish.

• We only stock the most reliable brands. Brands that won’t let you down.

Even our budget brands are chosen because they won't let you down.

• The job gets done right the first time. Then checked... and checked again to be sure.

• We’ve cut out the middle man. So you get better prices, we stay in business and the money stays here in Tasmania.

• Best price guaranteed or we pay the difference. Check our website for details.

Price Guarantee available Hobart and Brighton Only.

Visit our website to select the right tyre and/or wheels

or come and see us at 17 Patrick Street Hobart

or Strong St Brighton

or give us a call.

Hobart 03 6234 4433

Brighton 03 6263 6444

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